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Our Famine Schedule

Friday, April 19

11:30 AM — start your fast (at school, home, etc.)
6:00 PM — check-in at church
6:30 PM — Opening Ceremony
followed by games, learning, bible studies, and sleep

Saturday, April 20

7:30 AM — wakey wakey!
9:30 AM — service project with Crossroads (parent drivers needed)
2:30 PM — return empties (parent drivers needed)
5:30 PM — break-fast with chicken soup (parent servers needed)

Parents, click here if you can help!

What To Bring

  • DONATIONS ($40 feeds a kid for one month)
  • returnable bottles & cans
  • juice (and food, if doing modified fast)
  • athletic shoes (we play lots of games)
  • change of clothes
  • overnight stuff (sleeping bag, pillow, air-mattress, toiletries, jammies, etc.)
  • refillable water bottle
  • 3 forms, signed (emailed to you)

What is the 30 Hour Famine?

Students around the world loving God and fighting hunger.
Your students will grow closer to Christ and each other as they fast together for 30 hours and raise funds to fight hunger. What’s more, when you do the Famine you’re challenging your students to be part of something bigger than themselves. To take action for God’s kingdom. To help save the lives of hungry kids. To permanently change the way your students see the world.

How the Famine works

1.  sign up (click "join our team" at the top of the page)
2.  raise funds before the event ($40 feeds 1 kid for 1 month)
3. on Famine Day 1, start your fast after lunch—only juice for 30 hours!
4.  meet at church for 24 hours to learn, pray, study, serve, and HAVE FUN

Why fast?

In the Bible, people fasted for a variety of reasons: as an act of worship (Acts 13:2), repentance (Nehemiah 9:1), or to discern the Lord’s will (2 Chronicles 20:3). Fasting as a part of the 30 Hour Famine also helps students identify with the hungry children they’re helping and learn about hunger in a memorable way.

Is fasting safe?

Most people can safely go without solid food for 30 hours.  And the juice helps a lot. But there are a few people who shouldn’t do it — including kids under 12, the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, and people with certain medical conditions. These people should consider a "modified fast."

What's a modified fast?

If you cannot do a food fast, please bring snacks or meals to store in our "quarantine zone," where you can discreetly consume them during breaks. Maybe you'll only eat peanut butter sandwiches, or only vegetables, or only rice during the Famine. Maybe you'll to a "phone fast" and leave your phone at home during the Famine. If you need more ideas, please speak with Renata!

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